Proper product care can help to ensure your frames & lenses last a long time. Have a repair question? Please contact us by email us or call: 800.245.1678

Cleaning Quality Eyewear is important! Simply rinse your glasses with water & mild soap (ex. dish soap) Rinse frames and dry with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. Some frames require special attention such as horn, wood, leather, and jewels. See below for special care.

  • Don’t expose your lenses to extreme temperatures (i.e. hot or cold cars)
  • Avoid laying lenses face-down
  • Always use a microfiber cloth
HORN = Cream/Baby Oil + Micro-fiber

Eyewear made of water buffalo horn should be treated to maintain its radiance. Some brands will give you a special cream, and a suitable micro-fiber cloth. If the cream is not provided, baby oil works just as well. A thin layer of cream or oil should be regularly applied to the horn and polished gently with a soft cloth. With proper care, the gloss and beauty of the natural horn will last.

WOOD = Water + Micro-fiber

Wood frames are best cleaned with water and a microfiber cloth. The wood used for spectacles is sealed and has UV protection.  However, is a material that will naturally change over time.  This patina is inevitable and forms the individual character of the piece.

LEATHER = NO water!

Avoid water when possible. The use of a light leather cream is ok, but may change the color. Leather accents on eyewear will increase in character with age.


It is our goal to provide you and your family with the highest level of service and repair possible. In the event that your eyewear does not meet your standards, you may return your purchase for exchange or store credit.*

Please keep in mind that normal wear and tear of your eyewear purchase is to be expected. We are proud of the products that we carry at all of our locations, but we also know that occasionally, things happen. Warranties are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at email us or call 800.245.1678 to speak directly with a staff member regarding your warranty.

* All sale items are considered final sale. Only regularly priced items can be returned for store credit or exchange.